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February 13th, 2006 at 1:57am]

things are decent.


i'm happy.

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..... [Saturday
September 24th, 2005 at 10:16am]
[ mood | turrrrreddd ]

helllo. ok, this weekend was lame, as they usually are. friday i was feeling really sick. i stayed home and watched the girl next door & the show 3 wishes. i cried unbelievably hard and finally fell asleep. todays saturday, me & lindsey went to the library, got stuff. i watched say anything, liberty heights and raising helen. im probably going to bed soon, cause i have cheering at 10 tomorrow. then im probably going out with the family and doing homework. i have wonderful town rehearsal all week. its coming so fast, im going to die of exhaustion. i can't go to noras party or homecoming cause i have a show. oh well. and then once again school will be here. talk about exciting. im pumped for fall-ish weather and i wish it would just come already. thats it. im going to bed.

I need you.

sweet & plain [Sunday
September 11th, 2005 at 12:35pm]
[ mood | tired but happy. ]

hello there. update on the insanity that is also known as my life. well, school started. it sort of sucked the first day; my schedule is retarded. but im starting to get used to it, so all is well. i have spanish2, algebra2, and bio. then lunch, vocal, and the day is over. homework is dumb. so the new vocal teacher definitely hates me. i need to get cracking on operation mute. uhh, so im doing cheering at north. the first jv game isnt until like october, so weve had a few weeks off. it's been nice. i'm tumbling with seniors & i'm going to be an alternate, since i can't really commit to being there all the time. sounds good to me. i'm trying to take the pressure off a little this year. i made wonderful town at spring lake, which im pretty excited about. our first rehearsal is wednesday. and hannah is in it too, this makes me happy. =) clubs for school stuff are starting up soon. i'm probably going to join 48 things again, but, yeah. thats a good thing. im a dork. i don't think i can audition for performance troupe though, because it conflicts with so much other stuff. oh well. aand, yeah. i went to a phillies game with kasey yesterday, it was exciting, because i definitely know a lot about baseball. but it was fun. annnd yeah, team inservice was this morning at freaking 8 o clock. and im probably going to hang out with kasey later and/or go to kristin's to look at wedding pictures and get the keyboard. yayyy. im glad nobody reads this. so longgg my friends.

I need you.

lend me your eaaaar [Sunday
August 21st, 2005 at 11:25am]
[ mood | happy ]

well, well, well. let's see. last night i went out to fabians with my mom, billy, sharon, dave & kristin. then after was the cabaret. i think it went pretty well, definitely hilarious. hmmm, sound of music auditions actually went really well. i was in top 3 for Luisa, but in the end i didnt make the show. im not that upset though, things are going to be extremely hectic anyway. so this week will be my last few days at surflight, its been fun. but its getting to be so much driving there all the time, so its kind of a relief. i still have to finish my summer reading report. i wrote 2 pages of it, but it needs major major fixing. i havent been out anywhere in FOREVER. possibly movies tonight with rach, katie and nora? i dont know. i am extremely tired, i didnt get home last night till 3. school is coming very very very soon. right now, im looking forward to it. that could change. im SO mad that we're not going to have ms. huhmann this year. and they changed the grading system to the RIGHT way, finally. well, thats pretty much it. i have to go mow the lawn in order to make some cash. goodbye.

I need you.

be anything but quiet. [Tuesday
August 16th, 2005 at 1:34pm]
[ mood | curious ]

heyahiya, life is excellent. today i had cheerleading, definitely not my favorite thing. but my physical paper was messed up so i just sat there for 2 hours. oh, lovely. i've been sitting home since then, wrote like a page of my essay. the cabaret rehearsal is tonight, i still have to find out the exact deal with that, because nobody will give me the exact details. whatever, i guess i'll see. last night were sound of music auditions. i'm not sure how that went but time will tell i suppose. that's all for now. surflight is almost over. so is summer. oh, jesus. well my mother is vaccuuming and it is giving me a rather large headache. goodbye.

I need you.

i have a life. [Thursday
August 11th, 2005 at 1:21pm]
[ mood | procrastinating life. ]

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I AM A WARRIOR. [Wednesday
August 10th, 2005 at 10:36pm]
[ mood | FULL. ]

mmmmmmmmmmk. so today i had cheering. 8-10. wasn't too bad. then i went home & ate and went right to lbi. so i was spot 2 for alice in wonderland today, which i am completely awful at, might i add. I was really bad during the first run through. but dress rehearsal i was a little better. then we had dinner at like 430 & after i ate i had to be surfy. ahhh, never sweated so much in my life. it wasn't that bad though. aside from the fact that i couldnt see anything. then the real show came, i was alright i guess. im still really bad with all the dousing stuff. but i have a few more days to get it right i guess. so when the show was over i went home, and now im here. ate my moms leftovers [dinner #2] PISSED that i cant go to grease friday. ugggggggghh. thats all for now. running spot again tomorrow night, friday night, saturday night. blueclaws on sunday. really mad that i cant be there saturday also, but what are you gonna do? thats it. im EXHAUSTED & i have to wake up again early tomorrow. blaaah. im going to watch eternal sunshine. goodnight.

I need you.

so why'd you sing with me at all? [Saturday
August 6th, 2005 at 10:58am]
[ mood | i can't see. ]

things are alright, i'm lonely. im so beat from this week that i stayed home all weekend. monday i have to learn nca dances which is definitely putting a damper on things. i saw the dover rec show. <3 i loved it and i miss it. im going to see grease friday i think. goodnight.

I need you.

August 1st, 2005 at 7:28pm]
[ mood | thiiirsty. ]

okaaay, so the last two days have been pretty swell. yesterday i worked tomsriver fest for cheerleading. we had to sell glowsticks, that was a little bit of an adventure. hahah people really started thinking i was the most obnoxious person alive after awhile. so i got paired up with jess for that which made me happy because then it wasn't really awkward or boring. and i searched for nora and all of those kids for a long time but i couldn't find them. then finally, they all attacked me; nora, korrie, cait, frances, and dory. so after i was done hustling those glowsticks, i got food & watched the maroon5 concert. i mean, im not a huge maroon5 fan but it was a free concert so i can't complain. it was fun,me & nora danced the whole time. i saw ms. o'rourke, val, carrie and a bunch of other people. then we stayed for the fireworks which made me rather lonely cause by then everyone left & i was pretty much a 3rd wheel. buuut yea, then we got the bus to west dover & jess drove me home. today i had surflight 12-4. ohboy. confuuusion. so when i got there i had absolutely nothing to do, they told me just to sit & watch the rehearsal because nobody could find gail. i did that for like an hour until i finally found steve. he told me to help the guy with the boxes of programs so i did that. the delivery man was sorta creepy so i tried to get that done asap. then i went to the costume shop & put name tags on allll the costumes. halfway through that sydney showed up [thank goodness] and helped me finish that. then we cleaned up the costume shop and i went home. i am totally beat. quiznosman stil hasn't called me even though he called carrie and probably everyone else. oii i really need to start working. i need the money more than i can explain. well things are good, i'm very tired and my social life is pretty much nonexistent for the rest of the summer. this is a really long entry that nobody will read so gooodbye. =)

I need you.

.... [Saturday
July 30th, 2005 at 1:10pm]
[ mood | indescribable. ]

okay, so today was one of those days. i just sort of feel like right now, i could be doing something worthwhile and i'm not. i mean, i could try to be productive, but i know when i look at whatever i do on a larger scale, its still going to feel like nothing. i dont think ive moved from this computer all morning. and ive done nothing but ponder the meaning of like for 4 days. cliche, retarded. i know. things just confuse me. anyway, today will probably be a napping day. i have nothing better to do. & tonight i'll probably sit alone in my backyard and watch the trfest fireworks from my trampoline. my mom is sick and i feel really bad. tomorrow i have to work trfest from 4-10. work starts soon, & surflight, aggghh. bye.

I need you.

i wasn't THAT scared. [Friday
July 29th, 2005 at 9:01pm]
[ mood | blah. ]

ok. so today i got back from delaware. thank you jesus. so we drove to cape may & took the ferry over to lewes. so we went to some beach there, blahblahblah. i finished caucasia, which was an awesome book. even though i didnt think i would like it. aand then we went to a couple of the outlets & went to the cracker barrel and ate dinner. so that was pretty much the first day. the second day we looked at some condos & then after that was all shopping and more shopping and more shopping. which needless to say, can make you pretty sick after awhile. we ate dinner at crabby dicks which was very delicious & shopped some more. third day, more shopping. shopping. at the qvc store i begged my mom to get me a tent so i can have campouts on my lawn, which has been my dream since birth. and then i also begged her to get me a stereo with a turntable, which would pretty much complete my life. i got neither. surprise. we ate popeyes and then got the ferry home. i got halfway through coffee will make you black, which so far is one of the worst books ive read in years. i need harry potter. really soon. jordan was supposed to be staying at kristins for these 3 days, but when we got home, she broke in the house somehow, even though my mom locked it all up. annnd yea, my mom is pretty pissed & i cant blame her. egghh what can i say? dysfunctional. yea, so this weekend is shot to hell. tomorrow is free, but im obviously broke & my mom is sick. and sunday, i have to work trgayritaccocarnivalfest. summer is almost over. i can't wait till christmas. the end. =)

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they are so in lovvvvvve. [Monday
July 25th, 2005 at 7:55pm]
[ mood | just wonderful. ]

wow, well it has been absolutely forever since my last update. I sort of hated this thing for a while, but , I obviously have nothing better to do & i finally got a layout that I like. Well, the summer is turning out pretty awesome so far. Nothing terribly interesting. Well Whorehouse is over, that was sort of grueling but turned out to be a lot of fun. i have cheer tomorrow morning & i'm going to Delaware on Wednesday and i'll be there till friday. i plan on getting some major shopping done. then when i get back, work should be starting. I think the store is opening sometime between saturday-monday. I'll probably be a failure but oh well. It ended up that Carrie & Kara are working with me, so hopefully i get some hours with people I know. Cheer has been 3days a week 8-930, which isn't too bad. i'm going to miss camp while i'm in delaware so that makes me pretty happy. well, Surflight starts monday. who knows how that's going to be, but hopefully it works out. I have a feeling my schedule is going to be hell for the rest of the summer. butttt I'd rather be super busy than bored. i still have 2 books to read & a report to write. jesus. well, things have been good. i'm happy. & right now the couch is calling my name so i'm gunna skidaddle. goodnight. =)

I need you.

ergjiergkdfgkleowe [Sunday
May 8th, 2005 at 9:45am]
[ mood | groggy. ]

hey. today is mothers day. oh yes, im going out to breakfast in like 20 minutes. im going to eat all of the bacon known to man. i have callbacks for grease later on, hopefully that goes well. hm, well friday was erin's sweet sixteen. that was enjoyable, i had fun. yesterday I pretty much sat around. i woke up, and i was bored so I watched white oleander. oh boy, i love that movie more every time. as if i had not done enough dancing the night before, i had a one man rocket summer dance party in my room. it was exciting. umm, yeah so pretty much the rest of the day I sat around. watched tv. computer. im a social outcast, what can I say? I was supposed to see the our gang show which brielle was in, I really wanted to go. but my mom was being stupid and wouldnt let me go. aw, shucks. so i went to emilios for dinner. that was delightful, i fed my obese self, like i had been longing to all day. so i came home, watched some tv with my mother, and went to bed. hmm. so that was my weekend. i need to sell blueclaws tickets, if anyone would like to buy them for may 19th at 6:30. theyre 10 dollars, so be a dear and buy them all from me. i have 13 left. i also have to study for lame spanish. shoot me, now. lallalaa. bye.

I need you.

oops, i split my pants. [Monday
May 2nd, 2005 at 4:26pm]
[ mood | insanely hungry. ]

true story: yesterday, i was jumping on the trampoline. my favorite pair of pajama pants split in two. the moral of this story: i am a piece of lard and i need to get on a treadmill sometime soon.

today was fun. test in every subject, but some got put off until tomorrow, which is nice.

"whoa, too brown for school." - miss. huhmann. oh,man. i love her.

things are pretty good right now. except when im in my house. remind me, i need to get out of my house as much as possible next weekend. im on the computer and watching tv in unhealthy amounts.


I need you.

May 1st, 2005 at 11:59am]
[ mood | very.lazy. ]

update on things. i need to start using this thing.

ok, so bahamas. awesome. 1st place. grand champions. thats the way to do it. yes, i am black. yes, i am peeling. yes, it was fun.

wednesday when i got back, hung out with emily and kasey and went to the mall.

thursday, my life was ruled by the yardwork nazi. better known as my mother. i raked, and raked, and raked. all day. such a slave. haha.

friday, yardwork again. raked for my next door neighbor and got like 10 bucks. nice. then marisa came over at night and we hung out and watched the sandlot.

yesterday, sat around, etc, etc. brick auditions. definitely not so good. i doubt i'll be getting a call back out of that one. haha. oh well. im cool and i left my music in school. but then today i found this dumb songbook in my room i couldve used, which had 4390584 songs i could've sang. aw, shucks.

today im doing absolutely nothing. i left my IPA sheet in school, because I'm cool. i dont know what im going to be doing about that. oh well, ill figure out something. im still in my pajamas and its 12:15. i need to study for spanish.

so pretty much, i accomplished nothing over this break. how amazing can you get?

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wait, they dont love you like i love you. [Thursday
April 7th, 2005 at 7:09pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]


hello world.

i havent updated since the dawn of time. holy lord.

well catholic school girls is finally over. oh man, it was awesome. but it kind of hurts to leave sister mary agnes in the dust. hahaha. but, moving on...

teen arts was a while ago, which was nice and fun and rainy. whoop. yeah, i guess it was okay.

i feel like i live at OCC because of all the tech rehearsals we've been having like the last two weeks.

hmmm...well, last night was our vocal finale, which i must say, went spectacularly. It was a lot of fun, and everything went probably as well as it could have. yay.

tomorrow morning (way early) im leaving for daytona beach. :) hopefully its fun and warm and i come home african. that would be nice.

ohhyea, some things are pretty gosh darn amazing right now, and some are not. hopefully the rest of this school year and the summer (YES) work out amazingly. i need to find a show to do this summer, keep my lazy self off the couch. send me details, pronto.

i miss some of my buddies dearly whom i never ever ever see anymore, hopefully these next few weekends will be free so we can FINALLY hang out. yeeaa.

i leave you now with some pictures, and hopefully ill be back on tuesday, perhaps looking like i come from zimbabwe. later.


random, rehearsals & vocal finaleCollapse )

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March 4th, 2005 at 8:58pm]
[ mood | lazy ]


i havent updated in 84654563489 years.

well once again, things are pretty okay. ive been ultra-amazingly busy. these next few months are going to be hell. weve got catholic school girls tech week this week, and the spring shows are coming up, so everythings really hectic. we're working on a couple operettas in class, and me, cait and nora are doing at the ballet. hopefully that turns out alright. hm...yeah, so march is gunna be all rehearsal, all the time. and the csg shows. april-all rehearsals, all the time, and the vocal & collaborative show. in the midst of all that is daytona beach and then the bahamas. may is dance competition and my birthday, and june is the end of the school year, kristin's wedding, and HOPEFULLY, braces off. mmmhm. well im gunna go watch door in the floor. jon foster <333. mhm i <3 ben.


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February 6th, 2005 at 8:38pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so yeah, today was boring. i went to pathmark this morning with my sisters and then later i went tagging at pathmark for a bit. then me and my mom went out to dinner, which was yummy. i shoved my face. yeah, im obese. now im home. i really dont feel good. i was supposed to go to noras for superbowl, but i didnt want to get anyone sick or anything. so thats pretty much it. this weekend was semi boring. i went to see wests play on friday, and it was way better than any west play ive ever seen. :) so tomorrow is school. i have practice for catholic school girls, and i really hope I know my lines. and i have to cheer for a basketball game. errg. friday is our dance, which will hopefully be fun. i have nothing to wear, so ill have to go shopping or something, i guess. well thats it. im gunna go to bed in a couple minutes. im beat. lateer.

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January 24th, 2005 at 4:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

oh yeah, and this. i stole it from marisa.


yeah, whatever, i'm a loser.Collapse )

I need you.

god only knows what id be withoouuut youuuu [Monday
January 24th, 2005 at 1:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so my life is at kind of a gray area. no ups, no downs. im just kind of moving along. my last few days consisted of sitting at home, hoping that this snow will melt, watching movies, and procrasinating studying for finals. lets go man, move this along. so stuff is coming up, i guess. wednesday i'll be in new york with school, seeing wonderful town. which is an extremely good thing. yeah, so i made a new theme for my layout. matchstick men. its a pretty schnazzy thing. oh dear, what am i rambling about. anyway, im really bored. i need to study. i have 34934590 things on my to do list that arent done. so im gunna get crackin. smell you later.

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