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oh yeah, and this. i stole it from marisa.


.:General Info:.

Name: brittany
Age: 14
Gender: female
Height: 5.4

Birthday: may 16 1990
Hair Color: brown
Describe yourself in one word: unique?

Describe your personality in one word: friendly, i guess

.:School Life:.
What grade are you in: 9
What school do you go to: PAA
And where is that: lakehurst
Do you get good grades: yes, sir

Favorite Subject: performing arts, of course. and next world civ.

.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference: guys 
Do you have a bf/gf: nope

( the rest of the questions dont even apply, so im not gunna bother.)

Best Friend(s): who knows, way too many to name.

How long have you been friends: some forever, some a few years, some just this year
Do you consider yourself a good friend: yes
How many friends do you think you have: sheesh, im not gunna count
Most popular: idk
Most conceited: none i guess
Friendliest: dont know

Meanest: none
Prettiest: all of them
Craziest: emily

Oldest: hm. dont know. 
Youngest: idk
Most recent: katie, rachel, ilana, etc. paa kids
Smartest: idk

Food: CHICKEN FINGERS, hands down.
Person: my mom
Number: 2
Show: hm, extreme makeover home edition.
Letter: not sure
Song: lots.
Band/Singer: ill listen to anything
Place in the world: new york city
Season: fall

Dream Vacation: LONDON eroptjdklstjergncfg
Dream House: some kind of  beach house

Dream Room: god, anything but what i have
Location: idk

.:Last Time You:.

Watched T.V.: this morning
Went to the bathroom: today, sometime.
Ate: like 1:30

Slept: last nite
Listened to music: today
Used the phone: today
IMed someone/Got an IM: like, a minute ago

Went to school: friday
Played a game: this morning sonic on my computer, man. im going old school
Took a shower: this mornig
Hugged someone: today, my mother.
Went on a date: never lol
Wrote a letter: cant remember
Cried: last night

.:Last Person You:.
Hugged: my mom

Laughed at: myself
Cried over: i cry over things, not people.

IMed/Got an IM from: nora
Hurt: no idea
Talked to: nora
Spoke to on the phone: kristin'

Ate with: mom and lindsey
Spent time with: not including my family- kasey and emily

Saw: mom

Missed: friends
Heard: mom
Played with: uh i hung out with kasey and emily. but i dont call it playing?

.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country: yes
Been out of state/province: yes
Done drugs: no
Done anything illegal: no

Slapped someone: hit, not slapped lol
Cut yourself: no
Played an instrument: clarinet ha what a joke
Hurt someone for no reason: probably lol lindsey and me have wrestling matches
Hurt someone: yes .. not purposly

Killed an insect/bug: yes
Gotten stung by a bee: yes
Lied to your parents: yeah
Stole Something: no
Kissed Someone: no

.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap: idk rock i guess

Singing or Songwriting: singing
Tennis Shoes or Sandals: sandals
Phone or Computer: computer
Biking or Skating: biking
Analog or Digital: digital

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
Sprite or Sierra Mist: sprite
MTV or VH1: vh1
R&B or Country: country
Cingular or T-Mobile: T-mobile i guess, thats what like my whole family has

Cats or Dogs: cats
AIM or Yahoo: aim
Bzoink or Quizilla: quizilla?

.:Word Association:.
Birthday: candles
Peanut: butter

Good Charlotte: suck
Ravioli: tortellini

President Bush: 9/11
T.V.: boring

Rock: and roll 
Rap: bling

Chef: tony
Boys: confusing

Girls: catty
Calendar: OCD
Fan: club
Evil: horns

.:Right Now:
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Watching: nothing
What is on your mousepad: miss saigon, phantom, les mis

What are you doing: talking online
What song are you listening to: none
What's in your CD player: matt nathanson
Wearing: pjs

Time: 4:44 hahah
Month: january
Day of the Month: 24
Year: 2005
Day of the week: monday
What website are you on: livejournal

.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad: black
What color is your keyboard: black
What is the phrase you use the most online: haha
Did you like this survey: idk
Are you sad that it's over: no i hate when surveys ask that
What are you gonna do after this survey is over: eat dinner and study
Do you like pop-up ads: does anyone?
How long have you been online: 1hour. 19 minutes .. but away most of the time

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