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wait, they dont love you like i love you.


hello world.

i havent updated since the dawn of time. holy lord.

well catholic school girls is finally over. oh man, it was awesome. but it kind of hurts to leave sister mary agnes in the dust. hahaha. but, moving on...

teen arts was a while ago, which was nice and fun and rainy. whoop. yeah, i guess it was okay.

i feel like i live at OCC because of all the tech rehearsals we've been having like the last two weeks.

hmmm...well, last night was our vocal finale, which i must say, went spectacularly. It was a lot of fun, and everything went probably as well as it could have. yay.

tomorrow morning (way early) im leaving for daytona beach. :) hopefully its fun and warm and i come home african. that would be nice.

ohhyea, some things are pretty gosh darn amazing right now, and some are not. hopefully the rest of this school year and the summer (YES) work out amazingly. i need to find a show to do this summer, keep my lazy self off the couch. send me details, pronto.

i miss some of my buddies dearly whom i never ever ever see anymore, hopefully these next few weekends will be free so we can FINALLY hang out. yeeaa.

i leave you now with some pictures, and hopefully ill be back on tuesday, perhaps looking like i come from zimbabwe. later.


 brielle. eating my face...? in spanish.

me & cait at OCC

the last supper. ahahahha. eating lunch at OCC.



vocal show -

nora & me. dont deny the love you have for my neon pink braces.

introducing the lovely erin bradley. hahaha.

blurry picture of me, cait and nora. i could pass for a foreign girl. hahaha.

me & heidi. blurry. whatever.

nora & ilana. :)

shannon getting her hair done.

laura getting makeup.

katrina & nora.

nora dancing in the dressing room.

pretty darn nasty. i think you know who we are by now.

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