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hey. today is mothers day. oh yes, im going out to breakfast in like 20 minutes. im going to eat all of the bacon known to man. i have callbacks for grease later on, hopefully that goes well. hm, well friday was erin's sweet sixteen. that was enjoyable, i had fun. yesterday I pretty much sat around. i woke up, and i was bored so I watched white oleander. oh boy, i love that movie more every time. as if i had not done enough dancing the night before, i had a one man rocket summer dance party in my room. it was exciting. umm, yeah so pretty much the rest of the day I sat around. watched tv. computer. im a social outcast, what can I say? I was supposed to see the our gang show which brielle was in, I really wanted to go. but my mom was being stupid and wouldnt let me go. aw, shucks. so i went to emilios for dinner. that was delightful, i fed my obese self, like i had been longing to all day. so i came home, watched some tv with my mother, and went to bed. hmm. so that was my weekend. i need to sell blueclaws tickets, if anyone would like to buy them for may 19th at 6:30. theyre 10 dollars, so be a dear and buy them all from me. i have 13 left. i also have to study for lame spanish. shoot me, now. lallalaa. bye.
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