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i wasn't THAT scared.

ok. so today i got back from delaware. thank you jesus. so we drove to cape may & took the ferry over to lewes. so we went to some beach there, blahblahblah. i finished caucasia, which was an awesome book. even though i didnt think i would like it. aand then we went to a couple of the outlets & went to the cracker barrel and ate dinner. so that was pretty much the first day. the second day we looked at some condos & then after that was all shopping and more shopping and more shopping. which needless to say, can make you pretty sick after awhile. we ate dinner at crabby dicks which was very delicious & shopped some more. third day, more shopping. shopping. at the qvc store i begged my mom to get me a tent so i can have campouts on my lawn, which has been my dream since birth. and then i also begged her to get me a stereo with a turntable, which would pretty much complete my life. i got neither. surprise. we ate popeyes and then got the ferry home. i got halfway through coffee will make you black, which so far is one of the worst books ive read in years. i need harry potter. really soon. jordan was supposed to be staying at kristins for these 3 days, but when we got home, she broke in the house somehow, even though my mom locked it all up. annnd yea, my mom is pretty pissed & i cant blame her. egghh what can i say? dysfunctional. yea, so this weekend is shot to hell. tomorrow is free, but im obviously broke & my mom is sick. and sunday, i have to work trgayritaccocarnivalfest. summer is almost over. i can't wait till christmas. the end. =)
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