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mmmmmmmmmmk. so today i had cheering. 8-10. wasn't too bad. then i went home & ate and went right to lbi. so i was spot 2 for alice in wonderland today, which i am completely awful at, might i add. I was really bad during the first run through. but dress rehearsal i was a little better. then we had dinner at like 430 & after i ate i had to be surfy. ahhh, never sweated so much in my life. it wasn't that bad though. aside from the fact that i couldnt see anything. then the real show came, i was alright i guess. im still really bad with all the dousing stuff. but i have a few more days to get it right i guess. so when the show was over i went home, and now im here. ate my moms leftovers [dinner #2] PISSED that i cant go to grease friday. ugggggggghh. thats all for now. running spot again tomorrow night, friday night, saturday night. blueclaws on sunday. really mad that i cant be there saturday also, but what are you gonna do? thats it. im EXHAUSTED & i have to wake up again early tomorrow. blaaah. im going to watch eternal sunshine. goodnight.
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