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lend me your eaaaar

well, well, well. let's see. last night i went out to fabians with my mom, billy, sharon, dave & kristin. then after was the cabaret. i think it went pretty well, definitely hilarious. hmmm, sound of music auditions actually went really well. i was in top 3 for Luisa, but in the end i didnt make the show. im not that upset though, things are going to be extremely hectic anyway. so this week will be my last few days at surflight, its been fun. but its getting to be so much driving there all the time, so its kind of a relief. i still have to finish my summer reading report. i wrote 2 pages of it, but it needs major major fixing. i havent been out anywhere in FOREVER. possibly movies tonight with rach, katie and nora? i dont know. i am extremely tired, i didnt get home last night till 3. school is coming very very very soon. right now, im looking forward to it. that could change. im SO mad that we're not going to have ms. huhmann this year. and they changed the grading system to the RIGHT way, finally. well, thats pretty much it. i have to go mow the lawn in order to make some cash. goodbye.
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