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sweet & plain

hello there. update on the insanity that is also known as my life. well, school started. it sort of sucked the first day; my schedule is retarded. but im starting to get used to it, so all is well. i have spanish2, algebra2, and bio. then lunch, vocal, and the day is over. homework is dumb. so the new vocal teacher definitely hates me. i need to get cracking on operation mute. uhh, so im doing cheering at north. the first jv game isnt until like october, so weve had a few weeks off. it's been nice. i'm tumbling with seniors & i'm going to be an alternate, since i can't really commit to being there all the time. sounds good to me. i'm trying to take the pressure off a little this year. i made wonderful town at spring lake, which im pretty excited about. our first rehearsal is wednesday. and hannah is in it too, this makes me happy. =) clubs for school stuff are starting up soon. i'm probably going to join 48 things again, but, yeah. thats a good thing. im a dork. i don't think i can audition for performance troupe though, because it conflicts with so much other stuff. oh well. aand, yeah. i went to a phillies game with kasey yesterday, it was exciting, because i definitely know a lot about baseball. but it was fun. annnd yeah, team inservice was this morning at freaking 8 o clock. and im probably going to hang out with kasey later and/or go to kristin's to look at wedding pictures and get the keyboard. yayyy. im glad nobody reads this. so longgg my friends.
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