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so yeah, today was boring. i went to pathmark this morning with my sisters and then later i went tagging at pathmark for a bit. then me and my mom went out to dinner, which was yummy. i shoved my face. yeah, im obese. now im home. i really dont feel good. i was supposed to go to noras for superbowl, but i didnt want to get anyone sick or anything. so thats pretty much it. this weekend was semi boring. i went to see wests play on friday, and it was way better than any west play ive ever seen. :) so tomorrow is school. i have practice for catholic school girls, and i really hope I know my lines. and i have to cheer for a basketball game. errg. friday is our dance, which will hopefully be fun. i have nothing to wear, so ill have to go shopping or something, i guess. well thats it. im gunna go to bed in a couple minutes. im beat. lateer.
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