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i havent updated in 84654563489 years.

well once again, things are pretty okay. ive been ultra-amazingly busy. these next few months are going to be hell. weve got catholic school girls tech week this week, and the spring shows are coming up, so everythings really hectic. we're working on a couple operettas in class, and me, cait and nora are doing at the ballet. hopefully that turns out alright. hm...yeah, so march is gunna be all rehearsal, all the time. and the csg shows. april-all rehearsals, all the time, and the vocal & collaborative show. in the midst of all that is daytona beach and then the bahamas. may is dance competition and my birthday, and june is the end of the school year, kristin's wedding, and HOPEFULLY, braces off. mmmhm. well im gunna go watch door in the floor. jon foster <333. mhm i <3 ben.

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