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update on things. i need to start using this thing.

ok, so bahamas. awesome. 1st place. grand champions. thats the way to do it. yes, i am black. yes, i am peeling. yes, it was fun.

wednesday when i got back, hung out with emily and kasey and went to the mall.

thursday, my life was ruled by the yardwork nazi. better known as my mother. i raked, and raked, and raked. all day. such a slave. haha.

friday, yardwork again. raked for my next door neighbor and got like 10 bucks. nice. then marisa came over at night and we hung out and watched the sandlot.

yesterday, sat around, etc, etc. brick auditions. definitely not so good. i doubt i'll be getting a call back out of that one. haha. oh well. im cool and i left my music in school. but then today i found this dumb songbook in my room i couldve used, which had 4390584 songs i could've sang. aw, shucks.

today im doing absolutely nothing. i left my IPA sheet in school, because I'm cool. i dont know what im going to be doing about that. oh well, ill figure out something. im still in my pajamas and its 12:15. i need to study for spanish.

so pretty much, i accomplished nothing over this break. how amazing can you get?
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